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What Should You Trade

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Selecting Your Stock Trading Course


Stock Trading CourseWith the proliferation of financial instruments or asset classes that can be traded, taking a comprehensive stock trading course that provides a thorough review of the choices available has become even more critical as there are many pluses and minuses to consider with each instrument or asset class. After all, just consider some of the following types of popular trading choices:


Popular Stock Trading Course Topics


Stock Trading. Many traders opt to trade stocks with so-called penny stocks (which are any stocks that trade below S$5) being the most popular types of stocks to trade. After all, if a stock that trades for only $1 dollar rises 50 cents, the trader will earn a 50% profit (as opposed to a $100 stock that rises 50 cents) and many big blue chip companies themselves would have started out as penny stocks. On the other hand, a good stock trading course will also point out that penny stocks can be extremely volatile, are subject to market manipulation and are often companies with little revenue or profits that can best be described as having products or advanced technologies that are simply way ahead of their time.

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Forex Trading

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Forex Trading, Not For Beginners?


Forex Trading ResultsForex trading is an increasingly popular trading option for new traders due in part to the heavy promotion of Forex trading courses. After all and as many Forex trading course advertisements will point out, Forex trading has low capital requirements, is relatively easy to do, comes with fairly low trading commissions, involves low margin requirements and trading can be done 24 hours a day.


However, we believe that if you take a comprehensive stock trading course, you will probably think twice before doing any type of Forex trading for the following reasons:


Facts About Forex Trading


Forex trading is largely unregulated. For starters, a good stock trading course will point out that Forex trading is often done on unregulated Forex exchanges or through brokers and banks. On the other hand, currency futures and Forex futures will be traded on regulated exchanges while futures themselves are subject to far more regulations than Forex.

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